Site Analysis- with outside help!

Some awesome site analysis, sun studies, topo maps etc. and then a walk around campus with Kuhn Riddle and Berkshire Design checking out potential sites!



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Models and Case Studies

Early in the semester we worked on concept models and researched case studies for inspiration. Here we studied different operations, materials, and combinations of materials.

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assignment 1.1

Here are some photos of our first project, where we were meant to take cubes of material and begin to think of operations we could preform on them, and conceptualize actions such as:

solid / void                                    density / lightness

slabs / chunks                             extending / penetrating

carving / adding                         superimposing / revealing

laminating / stacking               rhythm / pattern

slicing / wrapping                      inserting / separating



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reblogging the barn

This blog is the public face of Caryn Brause’s Design Studio. Here we will post updates to our design process, and is a space for others to view and comment on our ideas.

If you’re curious about what has happened so far, feel free to download the pdf. that Rehamping compiled for the monday group (includes proposals, photographs, breakdowns and graphics)

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