About Us

This blog will document the design studio investigating Rehamping the Barn. The nature of this project is to foster community engagement and learning, so feel free to comment, and stay connected.

The barn is currently a horse barn located on the property of the president’s house at 15 middle st, Amherst Ma that will be repurposed, redesigned and brought to Hampshire College Campus.

We, the 11 students in this class and Professor Caryn Brause, will explore New England Barn precedents and research contemporary case studies of Barn renovations. Through this simple building type, we will explore questions of adaptive reuse and repurposing. Students will study the process of de-construction and re-construction.

The central effort of the studio will be a series of group design projects to give the Barn its next life. The class will work in partner with local practicing architects and contractors who will be present for design critiques. There will be opportunities for the wider community to attend and be involved with our process, so we’ll keep you posted.

For more information about the history of the barn project leading up to this class see:



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