Chosen Site!

The Rehamping the Barn class has chosen a site that we will all work with for the rest of the semester: corner to corner with the Cole Science greenhouse, and next to the Community Garden. Here the barn can be central to campus life, offering a space for everyone and anyone to get together, eat some Mixed Nuts snacks, do homework, meet in groups, and (if the weather is nice) lounge outside.

our class checking out the site

Here’s how our decision was made: As you can see in previous posts, site ideas have been explored on foot, in diagram, with local professionals, with facilities and grounds, in plan… Yesterday, after much deliberation in class, we had it narrowed down to three sites. Behind the Library, in front of Greenwich by the ring-road, and adjacent to Cole & the Community Garden.

potential site ideas, the final 3 before we chose one!

After speaking with Larry Archey, Director of Facilities and Grounds, he gave us the timeline on the three sites. Based on current and soon-to-be on campus building projects (including greening the RCC, which is happening now and will be for at least the next 2 years) the sites behind the Library (Sites 1 and 2) would not be ready for construction for a few years. He told us that the site adjacent to Cole (Site 3) would be the easiest to approve and begin funding.

In the interest of keeping momentum on the project, we came to a consensus that this site, as it is central and the easiest to approve, would be the site we move forward with. In the next few weeks we will be working in groups to create schematic designs for the Barn on this site. There will be an open review of our final work, so stay tuned!

Details on the exact site and plan will be worked out individually in the group based on solar studies, and exact measurements of distances between Cole, the Parking Lot, and the Community Garden.

Again, feel free to comment or email with questions or feedback!


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